Activitat cicle superior- SCIENCE


Today, the students of Level 6 visited “CAIXAFORUM LLEIDA” where they took part in different activities related to electricity and magnetism. They are learning about these phenomena in Science, so it was interesting to discover more about them. The students enjoyed all the activities and they had fun, too.



Let's see how the students of Level 6 work on their projects (ELECTRIC CIRCUITS)! They have a lot of really great ideas for reusing materials. Take a look at the pictures!


Els alumnes de sisè estan treballant de valent amb els seus projectes. Tenen molt bones idees per a reutilitzar materials diferents. Endavant, feu un cop d'ull a les imatges!


The students of Level 6 are learning about magnetism and how magnets work. They have already experimented that magnets have the ability to pull things toward themselves. Moreover, they have realised that magnets come with a north pole and south pole. Magnets attract when two opposing poles are brought together and repel when they have similar poles.