Activitat cicle superior- SCIENCE

Let's make a plasticine Earth model!

The students of Level 6 are learning about our planet and its structure. We have made a plasticine model of the Earth's layers. To create it, we needed 6 colours of plasticine:

RED - inner core
ORANGE - outer core
YELLOW - mantle
BLACK - crust
BLUE AND GREEN - land and water

We have modelled the planet starting from the inside out. Once finished, we have cut the Earth in half and we have checked out all of the layers.

The students had a nice time :D

Electric circuits

The students of Level 6 learnt how to make an electric circuit in class. Now, they can identify its parts and how it works. They have been working on their own and they have made some beautiful electric circuits! They are awesome! Good job!


Electric phenomena ( Taller sobre els fenòmens elèctrics)

The students of Level 6 have learnt about electricity (the properties of electric charges, the materials which are good conductors of electricity, the basic elements of an electric circuit...) and have made an electric circuit in the Science subject. For these reasons, we have found interesting to visit “Fundació La Caixa” in order to learn more about this topic. On the 20th of October, the students attended a workshop on electric phenomena in which they participated in different activities related to electricity (static electricity, electric current, electric circuit...).