On Saint George's day, our students from 3rd ESO organized a Medieval Treasure Hunt for their collegues from 1st ESO. This activity was the final project of TIL (Tractament Integrat de Llengües)in our English Lessons. They explained them an invented story: "William, the youngest knight" and all the activities took place in a medieval daily routine.
A funny Treasure Hunt to learn English, on this special day, where knights, stories, and books are the protagonists.


The students of LEVEL 6 dissected a chicken wing in groups. They realised that the chicken wing is like a human arm; both have the same bones and tissues.
The main objective of the dissection was to identify the different organs and tissues of the chicken wing. They enjoyed this activity because they had the chance to experience real muscles, tendons, bones, etc. Now, they know clearer what kind of organs and tissues we can find in our body.