We create a model of our lungs!

Today the students of 4th level of Primary have created a model of the lungs. In the subject of Science, this unit they are learning about the different body systems and, creating a model, was a great opportunity to experiment about how our respiratory system works and how respiration takes place. We have used simple materials that you can find at home such as a plastic bottle, two straws, two balloons, scissors, plasticine, tape and a plastic bag. They have enjoyed the activity a lot. Here you can see some photos.

En Lucas i la seva mare ens presenten la seva "Caixa de vida"

Ahir a la tarda el Lucas i la seva mare ens van presentar la seva “caixa de vida”. A l’interior d’una caixa d’en Bob Esponja que al Lucas l’agrada molt, ens van extreure un nino amb el qual dormia quan era petit, unes sabates i un pijama que ja no li van perquè s’ha fet gran i un trenet amb el que jugava sempre. Objectes que el defineixen i expliquen una mica què l’agrada i ens donen la possibilitat de fer-nos molts interrogants que ens agradaria anar descobrint...

We meet Louise, our new language assistant!

Today the 4th year students met Louise, this year’s language assistant. First of all, Louise introduced herself to the class and then we all asked her questions as we were really interested in learning things about her. She very kindly answered all our questions. After that we played a general culture game based on Wales, her home country. We all played together to ask her questions from different categories (Culture, Sport, Geography and Food) about our culture, and then she asked us about interesting things from her country. We learn a lot whilst really enjoying ourselves.