In 2nd level we are learning the Alphabet!

In English class we have started to work on the alphabet. First of all, the teacher introduced all of the letters and we repeated their sounds one by one to get to know them and become familiar with them. After that we listened to a really fun song and then we sang it and repeated the 26 letters of the alphabet using different rhythms. We also played different games like “Letters in the air”, “Alphabet Bingo”, “Tic Tac Toe Spelling”, “Cross the River” and “The Hungry Crocodile” to practice saying the letters and spelling. Here’s a sample of some of the games!

The travelling suitcase

The Travelling Suitcase has started its year-long trip around each class! This year the boys and girls from Primary level will take home a “suitcase” full of material in English such as books, magazines, CDs, DVDs and games to practice language use at home with their families. Our main goal for this activity is for the boys and girls to begin to enjoy reading in English, for them to listen to music and watch films or cartoons in English, and for them to play and have fun speaking English. We hope you all really enjoy this activity, and we look forward to receiving your feedback!