Projecte "Petita música"

Els nadons participen del projecte "Petita música" amb les petites caixes musicals. Dins de les diferents caixes hi ha petits elements que representen les diferents cançons que anem treballant a l'aula.
Cantant les cançons ajudem als petits a sensibilitzar-se amb els diferents sons, conèixer paraules noves i emocionar-se amb les melodies.
Una gran experiència!!

We celebrate the English Day! / Celebrem l'English Day!

This year the English Day's topic was Shakespeare because it's the four hundredth anniversary of his death so this led us to organising all sorts of activities related to his life and works. During the day the Nursery and Primary students had the opportunity to participate in outdoor games, crafts, board games and class activities through which they not only learned facts about William Shakespeare but also used English as a means of communicating and interacting with each other.