Another successful English Day!!

Today all our Nursery, Infant and Primary school students had a wonderful time celebrating English Day!

This year's theme was "Around the World in 80 Days" which was a fun starting point for all of our different activities. Students took part in a gymkana organised by our 3rd Year Secondary students, in a quiz organised by our 4th Years, in a craft activity on Willy Fog and in a food workshop where we made a wrap which we then took home as a snack! Our youngest children from the Nursery and Infants also enjoyed a play in English!

We also had great fun singing our English Day song, with music mixed by 2nd Year Secondary students and lyrics and coreography by our 4th Years, and we enjoyed the Art created by the 1st Years which decorated our classrooms and corridors!

Thankyou to all the staff, work experience students and Secondary students who helped make this such a great day! We really hope everyone, especially our students, had a brilliant day.